A sample shot of three iPhone 5S's.The one on the left is demoing touch ID, the one in the middle is demoing control center, and the one of the right is showing the new iOS 7 camera.

The iPhone 5s can give you several things money could not previously buy

There are several aspects of the iPhone 5 which make it more valuable than any amount of money. It allows you to capture moments you can’t get back much better than you could before, it gives you more time and security, and lastly makes your life more convenient.

Moments you can’t get back

Beach Resort Sunset taken with iPhone 5s
A beautiful sunrise captured with the iPhone 5S

When you hold down the shutter button while taking a picture, the 5S takes 10 photos per second until you let go. What this means is that you can capture the elusive 1/10 of a second where everyone was smiling their best smile and looking at the photo, or the moment where your child is perfectly poised and about to set her high jump record. After the shot, there is a very simple interface to pick your favorites from the stream of photos you just took, and delete the rest. Not to mention, it’s enhanced optics, electronics and sensor capture photos better than most much larger cameras.

In short, the camera on the 5s allows you to capture memories that you couldn’t have otherwise, in a package you can keep in your pocket.

More Time and More Security

The 5S introduces Touch ID  allowing you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint. This has two implications:

  1. If you never locked your phone before because it was too much of a hassle, now you can. Instantly protect your private information in case of a lost or stolen phone. Remember, that this includes your email, and you can often access a bank or brokerage account by resetting the password in a link sent to your email. So protecting your email with touch ID extends to the many other password protected web sites you use every day,
  2. If you have always locked your phone, then touch ID will save you time. The average person unlocks their phone 110 times a day; entering a passcode at each unlocking takes approximately 3 seconds. That means in an average year you spend 110 times x 3 seconds x 365 days = 33.5 hours unlocking your phone. If you make more than $17 hour then buying an unlocked iPhone 5S will pay itself back in 1 year. If you make $50/hr, then an iPhone 5S can save you over $1600 worth of time a year.

Siri Saves You Time and Makes Your Life Easier

An example of using Siri with Find My Friends.
My wife is still shopping at the mall!

Siri is not an exclusive feature of the iPhone 5S, but she works much better with it’s ultra fast processor. In iOS 7, Siri is much enhanced and much more useful. Some examples of her newfound convenience:

  1. Siri can now open Apps – This functionality is especially useful with Touch ID. For example, you hold down the home button on your phone and say “open Notes”. If you have touch ID, your fingerprint has already been used to unlock your phone, and your notes are in front of you. I use this functionality at the supermarket to bring up my shopping list instantly.
  2. Siri can now find your family – I use Find My Friends with my family so that I know where my wife and family are without asking them. Siri on iOS 7 is fully integrated, so I can say “Where is my wife?” when I’m waiting for her at an appointment and I don’t know if she is stuck in traffic. This is way more efficient than calling her, and saves us both time and hassle.

In short, the iPhone 5s improves your life in a number of subtle ways which were previously not possible. You can capture your most valuable memories more clearly and definitively, you can save time, and be more secure, and it makes your life more convenient.

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